Blast and Firing Tests of Critical Infrastructure

On September 12, 2019, inside Poličské strojírny a.s. compound, there was a workshop on explosive and firing tests of critical infrastructure. The Minister of Interior, Minister of Defense, and the head of the Czech Technological Agency of the Czech Republic patronated the event.

New Tactical Belts for the Czech Army

Our colleagues from Tropner s.r.o., sister company of STV GROUP a.s., recently signed a contract for the delivery of new tactical belts with the deputy minister - head of the armaments and acquisition division at the Czech MoD Mr. Filip Říha. 



Traditionally, this year we attended the DSEI defense trade fair, one of the most important glboal events of its kind. It took place in London in mid-September 2019.

STV GROUP, a.s. is the largest ammunition producer in the Czech Republic. We produce different types of ammunition (including their mechanical components): handgun, artillery, mortar, aerial, anti-tank, and engineering/sapper. In addition, our company produces plastic explosives, AK-based assault rifles, and RPG-7 and SPG-9 anti-tank weapons.

Our experise includes over 20 years of experience in demilitarization and ecological disposal of all sorts of surplus ammunition. Thanks to modern technology, large storage capacities, and highly-skilled and experienced staff we can safely and effectively demilitarize small caliber rounds, large caliber artillery and tank ammo, anti-tank rounds, missile warheads or sapper ammunition.

Moreover, we have traditionaly conducted refurbishments and modernizations of and supplied full range of spare parts for wheeled and tracked military vehicles as well as for aircraft. All operations take place in our modern facilities near the town of Policka, Czech Republic.

For long years we have worked with and been considered a reliable supplier of the Czech Army and NATO Supply and Procurement Agency (NSPA).