Visit of the Minister of Defence Jana Černochová in STV GROUP a.s. in Polička.

On 20 October 2023, the Minister of Defence Jana Černochová visited the production plant of STV GROUP a.s. in Polička together with the Chief Director Radka Konderlová and the Chief Director Lubomír Koudelka from the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic. They were accompanied by Jaroslav Martinů, Mayor of Polička and Michal Kortyš, Senator from Pardubice Region.

During her visit, she familiarised herself with the company's production programme, as well as with ongoing and planned investments in expanding production and acquiring new capabilities to support the Czech Army and increasing export potential. The main capabilities of STV GROUP include the dynamically growing segment of heavy military equipment repairs, production of large-calibre ammunition, which is carried out in a new modern plant for filling artillery, tank or mortar shell bodies and final laboratory work. This line will also produce 155 mm NATO calibre ammunition for CAESAR 8x8CZ guns. Last but not least, the Minister visited the production of small arms ammunition, which is carried out with maximum emphasis on production efficiency using robotic workplaces. 

David Hác, Chairman of the Board of STV GROUP commented on the visit of Minister Jana Černochová to the production plant in Polička: "We are very pleased that the Minister found space in her busy calendar to visit STV GROUP, the largest ammunition manufacturer in the Czech Republic. We appreciate the Minister not only for the development of the capabilities of the armed forces and the defence of the Czech Republic, but also for her principled attitude towards the war in Ukraine. We are a Czech family company and we are not indifferent to the security of our country, quite the contrary. That is why the Ministry of Defence and the Army of the Czech Republic are key partners for us. It is important to see a functional and developed defence industry as a natural part of national security, not just as a supplier of materials."

STV GROUP a.s. is one of the largest defence industry companies in the Czech Republic. It is the only manufacturer of large-calibre ammunition (mortar, tank and artillery ammunition). It also repairs and modernises heavy combat equipment, especially rocket launchers, howitzers, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. At the same time, it supplies equipment components and means of ballistic protection for individuals.

This year STV GROUP put into operation a new line for filling large-calibre projectiles with explosives. The technology from a leading European manufacturer uses the principle of filling the projectile bodies by the so-called "augering". This technology, compared to molten explosive casting, reduces the risk of lunkers (gaps and bubbles) in the explosive during solidification, is faster and less energy intensive. The technology is adapted to fill ammunition from 76 mm to 155 mm calibre, including extended range versions of artillery ammunition. The line includes automated preheating of the projectile bodies to facilitate the slide of the explosive along the projectile walls and a sieving device to control and ensure the premium quality of the incoming explosive. The result of this technological process is the highest possible quality of the explosive charge and safety of the ammunition as a whole. The high degree of automation reduces the demands on the operator, improves their working environment and reduces potential safety risks. The line also includes a cavity and thread cleaning station and, last but not least, a paint booth. The total capacity of the line is 56,000 - 150,000 pieces per year depending on the calibre of the ammunition.

Last year, the STV Group achieved a consolidated turnover of CZK 7.8 billion and a profit after tax of CZK 1.8 billion. It currently employs 800 staff and dozens of agency workers.

STV GROUP is a major exporter, with more than two-thirds of its sales being made by deliveries to other NATO countries and third countries. This shows that the Czech defence industry has a good reputation and is competitive in the world.

STV GROUP has been a major supplier of artillery ammunition and heavy military equipment to Ukraine since the first moments of the war and has thus contributed significantly to Czech support for Ukraine against Russian aggression.


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