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STV GROUP will support the Fires & Effects 2024 conference again this year

STV GROUP is a stable general partner of the professional fire support conference Fires & Effects 2024, which will take place on 5 and 6 June in Prague.

The main topics of the summit, organized under the auspices of the Czech and Slovak Artillery Community, will undoubtedly include data sharing, technological interconnection, and implementation of modern technologies in artillery and its future. These issues are crucial for the current defence industry and Europe, especially in the context of the geopolitical situation. The successful management of modern conflicts depends on the technological interconnection of the public and private sectors and effective data sharing. Artillery, as one of the crucial factors on the battlefield, must be part of the information environment and must implement new technologies.

STV GROUP, a long-standing reliable partner of the Czech Army and the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic and the only manufacturer of large-calibre ammunition in the Czech Republic is part of the technology and industry group managed by STV INVEST. It has been striving for a safer world for a long time. Our mission is to be a reliable partner in providing the most effective and advanced capabilities to those who rely on us, enabling them to protect the security of all of us. As a Czech company, we are proud to build on the traditions and skills of our people.

STV GROUP - Making a safer world. Together!

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Group of companies within STV, with its tradition dating back to 1920,delivers advanced and effective solutions and capabilities to protect our world.

With our expertise, EU-based facilities, and advanced production capacities, we empower our clients like the Czech Army and law enforcement units to accomplish their missions. Our vision is to support heroes who defend the right of all of us to live in a safer world.