STV GROUP in town Policka follows "Jan Bata's" urbanism development approach

STV GROUP in cooperation with the town of Polička will build 32 housing units for its employees and other citizens of the town.

The First Czechoslovak Ammunition Factory, Adamovské strojírny, Polička strojírny, and now STV GROUP. Although the engineering and ammunition factory in Bořiny in Polička has changed names, special ammunition and engineering production has been one of the main business sectors in the region for more than a hundred years. It is the latter company, STV GROUP, that has breathed new life into it in recent years. With its significant investments, it not only creates new jobs for the wider region of Polička and parts of the Pardubice Region and the Vysočina Region, but also attracts professionals and workers from other parts of our country.

When we walk through Polička, we can see buildings on almost every corner that were built in the past by the munitions and engineering factory not only for its employees, but also for the overall improvement of life in the town. Not only residential buildings were built, but also civic amenity buildings. Each building, even if it was a bus stop in the town or a small warehouse in the factory, bore and still bears its inventory number. We can count literally hundreds of them in the more than a hundred-year history of the manufacturing company in Polička and its surroundings.

It is this philosophy of linking production, the city and its people that STV GROUP follows. The goal is not a small one. The company will renovate a dilapidated children's home and build a total of 32 housing units in the area. This follows the previous concept of the town of Polička to build urban housing in this abandoned building. STV GROUP, as one of the largest employers in the region, offered the city of Polička to buy the project and build these housing units on its own. The city council decided to sell the building and its revitalization and redevelopment project in May 2023.

However, STV GROUP does not only plan to reconstruct the dilapidated building, but will also complete two additional apartment buildings. Part of the apartments will be used for urban rental housing, and the larger part will be used for rental housing for the company's employees.

David Hác, Chairman of the Chairman of the Board of STV GROUP, explained why one of the largest Czech armourers is also thinking about its employees and the development of the region: 'We know how difficult it is to carry out housing construction at this time. There is a lack of affordable and quality housing, and it is difficult for many families to take out a mortgage. Our philosophy is to offer this in cooperation with the town of Polička and the mayor. We will not only create city flats, but also affordable flats for our prospective employees and their families. We believe that this project will make working at STV GROUP and its sister companies more attractive, employees will reduce the time required for commuting to work and employees will live more in touch with the city where we do business. We really appreciate the constructive approach of the council and the mayor and are proud to continue a tradition that has lasted for over a century."

The renovation and new construction should be completed in near record time, with tenants expected to move in as early as early 2026. The City of Polička will gain 6 residential units upon completion.


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