STV GROUP will supply high-end night vision devices for the Police

Greek company Theon Sensors, a global market leader in night vision and thermal devices, has been cooperating for a long time with STV GROUP, a leading Czech arms company. The first result of their cooperation will be the supply of night vision devices for the Ministry of the Interior, which will be used by members of the Czech Police.

In 2022, STV GROUP won a tender for modular night vision devices with a demanding technical specification. Specifically, it will be up to 195 ARGUS PANOPTES sets. The modular kits contain two monocular night vision devices that can be used either individually, for example on a helmet or as night vision rifle scopes on a special adapter on the weapon rail, or they can be conveniently connected into a binocular device with a view through both eyes. A huge advantage of the system from Theon Sensors is the laboratory adjustment of all optical instruments so that the field of view is so-called "collimated" - i.e. each tube has an ideal optical match with all the others, maximizing user comfort and eliminating negative effects such as headaches when using tubes from different supplied kits for extended periods of time. Beyond user requirements, STV and Theon have also added the ability to manually adjust the brightness to sensitively tailor the instruments to the specific user, or the fail-safe capability where the instrument automatically shuts down on non-standard head position changes, limiting unmasking effects but ensuring smooth functionality during, for example, skydiving. Also standard is the switching off of the device when over-illuminated by, for example, the high beams of an oncoming vehicle, which not only protects the user from illumination but also prolongs the life of very sensitive optical and electronic systems.

The device allows tilting in multiple axes. The white phosphor shade is becoming more and more modern, giving users a "black and white" image as opposed to the classic green one. This makes objects and situations in which users may find themselves during use clearer.

STV GROUP and Theon Sensors also guarantee, as part of their obligations, that support for this particular type of device will last for at least ten years. ARGUS instruments are also supplied in a monocular version and their users include military, police and special forces of NATO and third country armies.

You can read more in the magazine CZ DEFENCE 3/2023.


FOM (Figure of Merit) min 2 200
Focus 25cm až indefinite
Field of view min. 40°
Dioptická korekce -2 až +6D
Power supply AA batery
IR přísvit Ano
Testing MIL-STD-810
Operating temperature range -30°C až +50°C



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