Hlavni obrázek novinky Rozhovor MD v HN

Interview with Martin Drda in Hospodářské noviny daily

Read the interview with the founder and chairman of the board of STV INVEST, which manages a group of companies that includes STV GROUP.

Martin Drda talks about the beginnings of his business, his current role in the company and his plans for further development. You will also learn about key investments that strengthen the self-sufficiency of the Czech defence industry and contribute to the security of the Czech Republic.

The full interview can be found HERE.

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Group of companies within STV, with its tradition dating back to 1920,delivers advanced and effective solutions and capabilities to protect our world.

With our expertise, EU-based facilities, and advanced production capacities, we empower our clients like the Czech Army and law enforcement units to accomplish their missions. Our vision is to support heroes who defend the right of all of us to live in a safer world.