Bojové opasky vzor 2018

Combat belts for the Army of the Czech Republic

Since 2020 we have delivered more than 196.000 combat belts to Czech soldiers.

STV GROUP has reached another significant milestone in its partnership with the Czech Army. The seventh partial delivery of combat belts model 2018, produced and delivered in collaboration between Tropner and FENIX Protector, is in the warehouses of the Czech Army. These belts have become an integral part of soldiers' equipment due to their modularity and practicality. All three companies, STV GROUP, Tropner and FENIX Protector, are part of the companies managed by the parent company STV INVEST.

The modular combat belt was developed based on users' requirements who needed a new type of shooting belt. The belt is two-piece, allowing the inner part to pass through the trouser loops, while the outer part with PALS/MOLLE binding is used to attach weapons and equipment. The belt also features a durable "cobra" buckle that allows for comfortable handling even with tactical gloves.

The belt's solid colour design is based on the 95 camouflage pattern and is available in dark green, beige and black for Military Police. The textile material used and all straps meet strict camouflage standards. Sister company FENIX Protector supplies other equipment components in the same colour variations to form a complete modular set.

The framework agreement with the Ministry of Defence lasts until 2025 and allows for the ordering of approximately 190,000 additional belts. This cooperation demonstrates our ability to respond to the specific requirements of the Czech Army and contribute to its operational readiness.

As a long-standing and reliable partner of the Czech Army, our company is constantly striving to innovate and develop its products. Our mission is to be a trustworthy partner in providing the most effective and up-to-date capabilities to those who rely on us, enabling them to protect the security of all of us.

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Bojový opasek vzor 2018 Bojový opasek vzor 2018 v akci Armádní výstroj včetně bojového opasku vzor 2018
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