STV GROUP established cooperation with Hydra Technologies, a drone manufacturer from Mexico

STV GROUP has established cooperation with Mexican company Hydra Technologies, which specializes in the production of drones for reconnaissance and attack purposes. It has a long history of developing and manufacturing drones. Their products, such as the S4 Ehécatl and E1 Gavilán drones, are used by the Mexican armed forces and have won several awards.

Examples of drones


Wingspan - 4,5m

Carrying capacity - up to 10 kg warhead

Accuracy - 5 m

Range - up to 500 km

Engine - petrol

Airframe - fiberglass

Autonomous and capable of operating in electronic warfare environments

Variants are either warhead combat or "decoy" to expose enemy air defence sites and radar systems

Can fly with direct guidance or by "way points" (just in case of jamming by electronic warfare assets)

It is a proven platform, with over 150,000 hours of flight time


HUUL-1 (delta wing) 

  • Very compact drone weighing about 2 kg
  • Capable of carrying a 600 g warhead
  • Range of 10 km if launched from the ground (catapult), or 125 km if operating as a submunition on a BLUEFISH or larger drone (the ability to use it as a submunition is a big advantage!)
  • Impact speed 120 km/h
  • When used as a submunition, the "mother" drone and HUUL are two autonomous units
  • Electric propulsion

More about Hydra Technologies and its drones can be found in the 8/23 issue of ATM magazine, see link below.





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