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Products and services

Military equipment for armed forces

Hand guns, ammunition and equipment for armed forces

We offer hand guns, ammunition, land and air forces. Dealing with both military equipment repairs and spare parts supply. Realization of revision, refurbishion and liquidation of ammunition.

Explosives, drilling and blasting operations

Industrial explosives, drilling and blasting operations

Developing and producing explosives using the most modern production lines. Realization of drilling and blasting operations with the help of quality equipment and well experienced employees.

Hand guns and ammunition for the civil use

Hand guns and ammunition for the civil use

Our company offers expansion and semi-automatic guns widening our range of products intended for professional public and also provides ammunition for civil use that can stand for sharp weapons.

Military material for collectors

Military vehicles and deactivated weapons for collectors

Wide range of goods – from heavy military vehicles, equipment and historical weapons to deactivated ammunition. Tanks, launchers, rifles, RPG, grenades and other exhibits for any collector.