Other activities

International Transportation

STV TRANS, s.r.o., our sister company, owns one of the largest ADR Class 1 certified vehicle fleets in Europe.



Drilling and mining works

Our sister company STV MINING s.r.o. is an experienced provider of services for mining companies. Services offerd include delivery of explosives and igniting agents for blasting operations, MMU unit services, rock fragmentation by drilling and blasting operations, and secondary crushing of oversize rocks.



Army Shop

We launched our e-shop ARMYPOINT in 2007. Thanks to wide offer of goods in storage, our professional customer service and high-customer satisfaction we have built a firm position on the market.




PYROPOINT, a brand owned by STV GROUP, is a foremost supplier of pyrotechnics in the Czech Republic. Our products are available in the largest stores in the country and we have been constantly expanding our client base even outside the Czech Republic. Our speciality are products of F1, F2, F3, and P1 classes. No New Year´s Eve celebration can be fun enough without our fireworks.



Military Vehicles for Collectors

STV GROUP has been offering military vehicles to collectors. Over 300 pieces of military vehicles are stored for this purpose in our facility in Hlavenec near the town of Stara Boleslav.