Large Caliber Ammunition

30x29 mm Round VOG-17

  • High explosive rounds are used in utomatic grenade launchers ASG-17, AG-17A, and AGS-30. The round is effective against enemy infantry in open terrain or light shelters.

30x165 mm Round (HE, HE-T, HEI, HEI-T, AP, AP-T)

  • Rounds are compatible with automatic aircraft guns GSH-30, GSH-30K, GSH-6-30, and GSH-301. Cartridges are effective against unprotected or light armored ground targets, airborne targets, and enemy infantry.



TB-7V 40 mm

  • Thermobaric grenade, 40 mm round TB-7V is designed for firing from RPG-7 and RPG-7V.
  • The grenade consists of a rocket motor PG-7DM and thermobaric warhead TB-7 which is made of the aluminum body filled with thermobaric explosive TBS.

PG-7VM 40 mm

  • Anti-tank grenade, 40 mm Round HEAT-T (PG-7VM) for RPG-7 is designed for use against hostile armored vehicles, mechanized troops and manpower in field-type and urban-type shelters.

100 mm (HE, AP-T, HEAT-T, APFSDS-T)

  • The rounds can by used in T-54, T-55, and cannon 100 mm.
  • Types available: HE, AP-T, HEAT-T, APFSDS-T

120 mm Mortar Bomb HE

  • The 120 mm mortar bomb is intended for firing at unprotected stationary targets, high troops densities, transport convoys, machine gun nests. 

122 mm Round (HE, HEAT)

  • The round may be used in the D-30 cannon or 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer.

122 mm HE JROF rocket

  • The rocket is used in the RM-70 and B-21 GRAD rocket launchers..

Container Projectile with Anti-Tank Mines PTMi-D1M

  • A container projectile is an unguided 122 mm caliber missile.
  • The container projectile is intended to lay mine fields through scattering anti-tank mines during flight within a range from 500 m up to 3 000 m from the MV- 3 launcher site.



125 mm Round (HE, HEAT-T, APFSDS-T)

  • HE: High-explosive round is used mainly against enemy personnel and to destroy buildings.
  • HEAT-T: Anti-tank round with the inner shaped charge.
  • HEAT-PRACTICE-T: This high-explosive round is intended for the purpose of tank crew training.
  • APFSDS-T: This armour-piercing cartridge consists of a fin-stabilized subprojectile and a tracer assembly attached to the rear of the fin.