Land Vehicles

Refurbishments, Modernization and Spare Parts


For a long time STV GROUP has been a supplier of refurbishments, modernizations, and spare parts for all types of military vehicles. Our modern, well-equipped and well-stocked facilities are situated within the compound of Poličské strojírny, a.s. near the town of Polička.


  • Main battle tank used against tanks and other armored targets.
  • The vehicle is armed with 100 mm D-10T (D-10T2SA in case of T55AM2), 7.62 anti-personnel PKT machine gun, and 12.7 mm DShK anti-aircraft machine gunm.


T-72 M1

  • The purpose of this main battle tank is to destroy tanks and other armored targets.
  • T-72 M1 is equipped with 125 mm 2A46 cannon, 7.62 mm anti-personnel PKT machine gun, and 12.7 mm anti-aircraft NKVT machine gun. 

BVP-1 (BMP-1)

  • This tracked infantry vehicle is very fast and maneuverable.
  • It is used to support mechanized units.
  • BVP-1 features 73 mm 2A28 cannon, 7.62 anti-personnel machine gun, and an anti-tank missile.

BVP-2 (BMP-2)

  • BVP-2 is a light tracked vehicle is known for its high mobility and manoeuvrability which, over the first generation, features upgraded weapon and protection systems.
  • BVP-2 is used to support mechanized infantry.
  • The vehicle is armed with 30 mmm 2A42 gun, coupled 7.62 mm PKT machine-gun, and ATGM.

RM - 70

  • RM-70 is a multiple rocket launcher which carries 122 mm rockets.
  • It sits on the Tatra 8x8 T-813 or T-815 platform.
  • RM-70 can fire either individual rounds or volleys.



SpGH DANA 152 mm

  • DANA (meaning gun on truck lodaded automatically) is a wheeled self-propelled howitzer. It is placed onthe Tatra 815 8x8 chassis. 
  • The howitzer provides long-distance fire support and may be used against different types of targets.




  • The military vehicle is based on the civilian Jeep Wrangler.
  • It is powered by a 2.8-liter four-cylinder diesel engine that produces 118 kW of torque.
  • Jeep´s engine is mated to a five-speed automatic transmission.