Engineering Ammunition

PE-4 Plastic Explosive

  • Plastic Explosive No. 4 is used for demolition works and operations as well as general explosive works, including underwater.
  • Initiation of an explosive charge is done by a detonator or a detonating fuse. 



UTN-11 Demolition Charge

  • UTN-11 is a TNT / RDX charge which is designed for destruction of communication structures, of road and railway bridges, and/or reinforced concrete structures.
  • UTN-11 is equipped with a booster charge with a central hole for the initiator (detonator or detonating cord)..
  • NEQ: 10,5 kg.

Shaped Charge Beehive

  • The shaped charge device can penetrate reinforced concrete, armored plates, or mild steel.
  • Beehive is filled with RDX / TNT (50:50).
  • The charge can be initiated either by electric or non-electric detonator.
  • NEQ: 3 kg.

NR-50 Shaped Charge

  • The conical explosive device contains 11 kg of RDX /TNT (60/40).
  • NR-50 is primed with a booster unit to ensure top performance.
  • The charge is used to create cylindrical openings in various types of materials. These openings may be then filled with additional explosives to destroy the material.

Bangalore Torpedo Shaped Charge

  • The shaped charge destroys barbed wire, clears mine fields or explosive devices on the terrain.
  • Every charge consists of four 6 feet pieces which are assembled to each other.
  • Each charge is filled with ammonal, a mixture of TNT, ammonium nitrate and aluminum. A booster is fitted to each ending.

PTMi-D1M anti-tank mine

  • PTMi-D1M mine are placed into a container projectile launched from the PTMi-D1M launcher.
  • The mine can penetrate homogenous armor up to 110 mm of thickness.
  • The mine can be detonated as following: 1) a tank passes over a mine and the magnetic sensor and closed optical bridge sends a signal to detonate the mine, 2) a tank track wits the mine which is immediately detonated through a contact cable. If a mine is not compression detonated, it is self-detonated at a pre-set time.

PTMi-UM Anti-Tank Mine

  • This modernized PT Mi-U mine is upgraded wit ha new type of fuze that meets the CCW convention.
  • The self-destruction mechanism may be set to 720, 420, 240, and 24 hours.
  • The mine may be laid either manually or mechanically. 


  • This off-route mine is designed for destruction of armored vehicles or other means of transport.
  • The device may be initiated either electro-mechanically or by a remote control.
  • The mine can penetrate 200 mm of homogeneous armor plate.