Uncompromising firepower. This is the Czechoslovak-made RM-70 rocket launcher. These days, the citizens of the Czech Republic are putting one of them together after an overhaul at STV GROUP as part of the Gift for Putin collection in the fight against Russian aggression. The donation campaign, which was launched on the first anniversary of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, also includes a symbolic 365 122mm GRAD missiles, where each missile intended to destroy the invading forces represents one day of war in Ukraine.

The RM-70 rocket launcher is the generational counterpart of the Soviet BM-21 rocket launcher and was introduced into the Czechoslovak Army in 1971. Despite this, it remains an effective weapon with a crushing effect on the modern battlefield. Like its Russian counterpart, it has a rocket launcher for 40 122mm GRAD missiles, but unlike the Russian version, it carries an additional magazine with another 40 missiles on an armoured Tatra 813 8x8 chassis for quick reloading of all missiles. This minimizes the time needed to prepare for the next firing mission to the horizon of a few minutes. It is possible to fire single rockets or a complete salvo.

RM-70 (photo Michal Šula List of news)

The naming of the Přemysl rocket launcher after the mythological figure of Czech and Slavic history Přemysl Oráč is no accident. One volley "ploughs" an area of about 3 hectares. The concentrated bursts of forty rockets at the target not only have a fragmentation effect, including the destruction of enemy fortified positions, infantry, artillery, logistic nodes and armoured targets, but also reduce the oxygen concentration in the target below critical levels with fatal effect on infantry.

"Since the beginning of the invasion, Czech citizens have shown an incredible degree of solidarity with the invaded Ukraine. The public collection in cooperation with the Gift for Putin campaign for military material such as the RM-70 rocket launcher is a shining example of this. The Přemysl rocket launcher for Ukraine symbolises the joint efforts of Czech society, the defence industry and the government to support those who are resisting Russia's efforts to occupy their homeland. The coordinating role of the Ministry of Defence is important in identifying the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces. However, it is also an obligation so that the Czech public can continue to support Ukraine in this way," said Jana Černochová, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic.

David Hác, Chairman of the Board of Directors of STV GROUP commented on the initiative of the collection for this rocket launcher: "We have done over two thousand hours of work on the RM-70 Přemysl rocket launcher. It has been completely overhauled and is ready to be deployed where it is most needed now - in Ukraine. We believe that it will be valid and will soon start getting "commas" for accurate hits against aggressors. I would also like to express great respect and gratitude to all citizens of the Czech Republic who are not indifferent to the security situation and contribute to its solution not only by financially supporting the supply of weapons and ammunition to the severely tested Ukraine, but also by helping in other collections. Whether financially or materially to provide military or humanitarian aid, or in any way contribute to helping Ukrainians displaced by war from their homes abroad."

Martin Ondracek, co-author of the Gift for Putin initiative, said, "Every day of the war waged by the Putin regime against Ukraine convinces us that the only thing that can end the conflict quickly is weapons. And we are happy to see that we are far from the only ones who think so. Every weapon that falls into the hands of the Ukrainian army brings closer the end of the war, which must end with the expulsion of the Russian army from the entire territory of Ukraine."

Autor: Press release in connection with media support for the campaign


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