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POLADYN 31 ECO is a charged explosive of plastic consistency having from pink to red color designed for use in water saturated blast holes. The product is characterized by a positive oxygen balance. 65 mm charges are normally used and their shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.


Parameter name Value
Attributes determined by the calculation
Explosion heat, min. [KJ / kg] 3 973
Detonation temperature, min. [° C] 3 058
Oxygen balance [%] +5,0
Specific volume of explosive fumes, min. [dm3/kg] 883
Attributes determined by the test
Sensitivity to impact, min. [J] 4
Waterproof Excellent
Sensitivity to initation Denotator No. 8
Denotation velocity of a sealed charge 28mm, min.[m/s] 3 500
Denotation velocity of a sealed charge 65mm, min.[m/s] 6 000
Density [g/cm] 1,3
Charge [g] 2 500
Box [kg] 25
Palette [kg] 750
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