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EMONIT 1 represents emulsion charged explosive of mushy from white to light yellow color consistency designed for use in water saturated blast holes. Although charges have normally 65 mm or 75 mm there is a possibility to provide 90 mm diameter charges custom made. The explosive is packed in boxes of 25 kg.


Parameter name Value
Attributes determined by the calculation
Explosion heat, min. [KJ / kg] 2800
Detonation temperature, min. [° C] 2300
Oxygen balance [%] -0,5
Specific volume of explosive fumes, min. [dm3/kg] 800
Attributes determined by the test
Thermal stability without reaction
Sensitivity to friction, min. [N] 360
Sensitivity to impact, min. [J] 50
Waterproof 0,3 MPa/ 24 hod
Detonation transmission 2
Density [g*cm-3] 1,0-1,23500
The detonation velocity, min. [M / s] 5100
Charge parameters:
Diameter, max.[mm] 65/75
Length max.[mm] 500
Charge pieces per box [pcs] 10/8
Charge weight [g] 2000/2500
Packing 65/75
Box [kg] 20
Palette [kg] 600
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