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DAPMON 30 is bulk explosives of DAP type mixed with the energetic components for use in dry and wet blast holes. This explosive, being very successful on business, exceeds classic DAP components in its effectiveness and can be used even for more complicated disintegration of hard rocks. DAPMON 30 is packed in laminated sewn PP bags of 25 kg. Shelf life is 6 months from the date of manufacture.


Parameter name Value
Attributes determined by the calculation
Explosion heat, min. [KJ / kg] 4100
Detonation temperature, min. [° C] 2815
Oxygen balance [%] -9,0
Specific volume of explosive fumes, min. [dm3/kg] 910
Attributes determined by the test
Thermal stability without reaction
Sensitivity to friction, min. [N] 100
Sensitivity to impact, min. [J] 3
Waterproof Not
Sensitivity to initiation ingressive
The detonation velocity, min. [M / s] 3500
Bulk density, min. [G / cm] 0.7
Sack [kg] 25
Palette [kg] 500
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