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Drilling and blasting operations




Industrial explosives division provides not only explosives´ deliveries and detonators for blasting operations with the execution charged service but also full service for mining companies in the form of complete rock disintegration by drilling and blasting operations including derivative shooting and blasting of muck pieces. Complete disintegration of rocks is carried out by drilling and blasting operations has been currently performed on the basis of long-term contracts for prestigious multinational mining companies in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.


Related activities:

  • Fracturing a quary wall by TOPCON 9000 total laser station
  • Working out a project of blasting operations using specialized software ATLAS DMT - module Blast
  • Realization of drilling operations by our own Atlas Copco D9-C drilling rigs  and Atlas Copco F9-CR - COPROD
  • Working out a final plan of drilling operations by inclinometer measuring blast holes´ real cores
  • Explosives and detonators´ deliveries by our own ADR transport truck fleet equipped with a GPS tracking system focused directly to the place of consumption
  • Preparation and realization of blasting operations by means an experienced team of employees
  • Transportation of the remaining quantity of explosives after blasting to our explosives storage plant
  • Derivative shooting and blasting of eventual oversized muck pieces into required size releasing any excess pieces of muck to a requied size