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Modernization and upgrades

STV GROUP Company Inc. offers the possibility of BMP-1 combat vehicle modernization. For this purpose the weapon station HITFIST OWS 30 mm developed by the OTO MELARA company is used. The weapon station can be completely controlled by one of crew members from the front of a vehicle. Through the service hole cover shooter can even without leaving the vehicle observe a battlefield by periscopes, overcharge the gun and perform maintenance or fix simple defects. The tower is equipped with an ATK MK44 gun of 30 mm caliber, machine gun 7.62 mm x51, PTRS PIKE and throwing smoke grenades. Usage of modern control shooting system and sensors are the matter of course including a CCD camera or eventually a TV camera, IR camera, laser rangefinder, weather station sensor, etc. The advantage of the HITFIST OWS 30 mm station is its compact design of a low silhouette and the possibility of an optional level of weapon systems´ armour protection.


BMP-1 modernization is aimed for the potential use of the Army of the Czech Republic.


Oto Melara

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