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Hand grenades

Our company provides the basic products regarding hand grenades both new manufactured and also from stockpiles. In this field of business it is necessary to point out STV GROUP´s own production of a universal RG TB10 thermobatric hand grenade.


  • Type: universal thermobaric
  • Grenade weight: 400g
  • Explosive charge weight: 81g
  • Fragmentation diameter: to 20m
  • Status: new
  • Note: STV GROUP´s Inc. own production

URG 86

URG 86
  • Type: universal
  • Grenade weight: 430g
  • Explosive charge weight: 42g
  • Fragmentation diameter: to 25m
  • Status available on stock

F 1

F 1
  • Type: defensive hand grenade
  • Grenade weight: 600g
  • Explosive charge weight: 60g
  • Fragmentation diameter: to 30m
  • Status: available on stock