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Ecological liquidation of ammunition and explosives


Ecological liquidation of redundant military ammunition and new ammunition manufacturing for armed forces – these are one of the main activities that represent STV GROUP Inc. Ammunition liquidation is realized in our own factory plant, situated and built at the place of the former military ammunition base. The plant, located in Liberec, allows us to carry out a number of activities including warehousing, manufacturing, repair and ammunition liquidation of all calibers. Large fully secured storage facilities for storing ammunition in a large scale also belong to the plant. The storage area is equipped with a railway siding and handling devices. Thermal disposal of environmentally dangerous ammunition components and explosives are anchored in the contractual basis.

Our advantages:

  • High storage capacity (more than 9,000 tons of ammunition)
  • Long-term experience with the military ammunition liquidation
  • Experience with various types of ammunition liquidation in cooperation with Central European armies
  • Highly qualified employees (over 150 people)
  • Own fleet of 25 trucks certified for ADR Class 1
  • Working areas dislocated strategically and storages situated near German and Polish borders
  • Own technology development and procedures
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 certification
  • Compliance with European safety and environmental standards
  • Highly competitive prices - significantly lower than those offered by the local regional competition

Processing the following types of ammunition:

  • Infantry ammunition cal. from 5.56 up  to 9 mm
  • Ammunition cal. 12.7 mm and 14.5 mm
  • Ammunition cal.20 mm and 23 mm
  • Ammunition cal. 30 mm
  • Artillery ammunition cal. 57 mm - 100 mm
  • Artillery ammunition cal 125 mm, 152 mm and 155 mm
  • Launchers ammunition
  • Anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles
  • Anti-aircraft missiles
  • Anti-tank and anti-infantry mines


Parameter name Value
Small calibre (7.62 to 14.5 mm) 2,043 tons (46,154,530 pcs)
Medium calibre (18-30 mm) 1,423 tons (542,219 pcs)
Large calibre (57-125 mm) 17,588 tons (757,226 pcs)
Anti-aircraft missiles and ATGM 4,288 tons (64,699 pcs)
Lighters 371 tons (688 of 200)
Anti-tank mines 2,718 tons (252,760 pieces)
Pyrotechnical devices 52 tons
Explosives 4,760 tons
Main customers the Governments of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Lithuania