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Helicopters Mi-8/17/24 series

STV GROUP Inc. offers well-proven helicopters of Mi-8/17/24 series in many configurations and armament types corresponding to customer´s wishes.

Mil Mi-8

Mil Mi-8
  • Description: twin-engine multipurpose helicopter
  • Engine: 2x TV2-117A turboshaft engine (1 257kW)
  • Max take-off weight: 12,000 kg
  • Max speed: 250 km / h
  • Practical range: 480 km
  • Load capacity: depending on the configuration, up to 4000 kg in the fuselage or 3,000 kg in the pod
  • Armament: according to configuration, the external underwing hardpoints to 1000 kg
  • Status: after overhaul repairs

Mil Mi-17

Mil Mi-17
  • Description: two-engine multipurpose helicopter
  • Engine: 2x turboshaft TV3-117MT (1 454kW)
  • Max. take-off weight: 13 000kg
  • Max. speed: 250km/h
  • Practical range: 950km
  • Load capacity: depending on configuration; up to 4 000kg in the fuselage or 3 000kg in the pod
  • Armament: according to the configuration; the external underwing hardpoints to 1 500kg
  • Status: after overhaul repairs

Mil Mi-24

Mil Mi-24
  • Description: two-engine attack helicopter
  • Engine: 2x turboshaft TV3-117 (2 200kW)
  • Max. take-off weight: 11 500kg
  • Max. speed: 320km/h
  • Practical range: 595km
  • Load capacity: up to 1500kg in the fuelsage or to 2 000kg in the pod
  • Armament: both B machine-gun of 12,7mm caliber and armament up to 2,4 tons on 6 underwing hardpoints
  • Status: after overhaul repairs

Spare parts for helicopters

Spare parts for helicopters
  • Both new and used spare parts for all helicopter types of Mi-8/17/24 series
  • Providing revision, repairs and overhaul repairs