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For armed forces




  • Offering a wide range of hand guns, ammunition, vehicles and aircraft equipment both for domestic and foreign armed forces. Moreover, providing our customers with equipment repairs and ammunition as well as spare parts.
  • Foreign trade in military material represents one on the main activities of STV GROUP a.s. Our customers are provided with both new goods and inexpensive items from large storage capacities including eventual repairs or modernization.
  • STV GROUP a.s. activelly takes part in domestic and foreign tenders being considered one of the most important suppliers of the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, mainly in the field of ammunition. Nevertheless, STV GROUP a.s. goes beyond the borders having a great deal of foreign customers worldwide, co-operating with many foreign producers and suppliers and last but not least even realizing several re-exports.
  • Great advantage of the company represents highly qualified staff being also connected with strong technical background and large storage capacities enabling selling goods from own stocks and moreover, also a possibility to transport goods with own transport feet of ADR trucks  within STV TRANS Ltd.
  • STV GROUP a.s. is the holder of required certification (e.g. EN ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110 (ISO 9001:2009), business licences and permits issued by MPO CR No. R130320368 for realization foregin trade in military material. Our NCAGE is 1319G
  • In the Czech Republic, foreign trade in military material is regulated by Act no. 38/1994 coll. That is why the specific requirements and offers of authorized people should be addressed either to the Foreign Trade Department or directly to the company headquarters situated in Prague (stv@stvgroup.cz).


Contact person:

Ing. Jan Děcký - Commercial director

E-mail: decky@stvgroup.cz

Tel.: +420 724 319 360 | + 420 274 012 204