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The www.ARMYPOINT.cz e-shop was established in 2007 representing one of new activities of STV GROUP a.s. 

Despite of a huge competition in this business area the shop itself has been able to break into the business and find its place in the market. The key in success does not lie only in products offered by the ARMYPOINT but also in a distinctive approach which is not taken for granted by all companies at this time.  We have constantly been striving to improve customer sales service and making a purchase on the website easier. At the beginning of the business, ARMYPOINT took place in Chrast area near Chrudim. Afterwards, although with a few problems, the shop was moved to Stará Boleslav - Hlavenec area in 2009. This location provides complete support for running the e-shop, including logistics warehouses.

All items are for 99% available on stock trying to shorten the period of time between receiving an order and delivering ordered goods. The numbers give the evidence about the professional business attitude and consumer trust which is important for our customers when deciding to order goods. During 2011 thousands of people visited the e-shop and thousands of orders were handled successfully. Daily attendance concerns approximately thousand people. Moreover, a high percentage of returning visitors reflects satisfaction with the execution of orders.

In July 2011, we launched an upgraded version of the e-shop leading to greater comfort not only for end users but also for the service. We have introduced new ways of online payment, online tracking of all shipments, favourable definition of ordered sizes, whisperer search, Facebook social network plugin and other new features which are characteristic only for the ARMYPOINT e-shop. Such solutions have been modified and subordinated mainly according to customers´ requirements.


Contact person:

Lukáš Saivera Product manager
E-mail: lukas.saivera@stvgroup.cz
Tel.: +420 774 565 571 | + 420 314 501 392