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STV GROUP has been operating on the Czech and international military markets from 1994. The company is settled in Prague having its business premises and subsidiaries located strategically not only across the Czech Republic but also in other countries. Our major activity is export / import of military material.

The goods which we deal with are as the following:

Military material

  • Spare parts and overhauls of land military vehicles
  • Land military vehicles, armored and artillery systems 
  • Aircraft and helicopters including spare parts and overhauls
  • Ammunition
  • Firearms
  • Ecological liquidation of military ammunition 

Other activities

  • Development, production and distribution of industrial explosives
  • Drilling and blasting operations
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals sale
  • Investment and rental properties

Export/ Import in military material undoubtedly represents the crucial activity of STV GROUP. In this area, the company has been mainly dealing with ammunition export, spare parts for land and aeronautical vehicles - overhauls included. We offer our customers both new goods and also from Army of the Czech Republic excessive military stockpiles, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and many other countries.

Many years having been engaged in successful operation on military equipment market requires a great degree of responsibility. STV GROUP is fully aware of the commitment and unconditional compliance with all legal and moral norms is considered to be a matter of course. Furthermore, the emphasis is laid on continuous staff expertise improvement and improvement of the production technologies and practices (the company holds all necessary certificates - such as EN ISO 9001:2009 and AQAP 2110, concession documents and authorization of MIT CR to engage in foreign trade in military material). In this context, it is necessary to mention enormous efforts which STV GROUP, within its business, devotes to continuous safety improvement in all fields of activities and to minimize the impact of these activities on the environment. The company STV GROUP, being fully aware of its obligations to future generations in the field of environmental protection, has built an environmental management system and is certified to ISO 14001.


Thanks to this attitude STV GROUP has been ranked among the leaders in the field of ecological ammunition liquidation. Moreover, by its professional approach and diligent work, the company has achieved the status of a proven and reliable supplier of ACR.

Enormous asset of STV GROUP is not only its commercial potential but also its own storage, production and development capacities, primarily focused on research in the area of new types of military ammunition and industrial explosives. Development of its own line of thermobaric ammunition which has already been used by ACR represents one of the most important achievements concerning this area in our company.

In reference to huge amount of ammunition, explosives and military technologies, with which we manipulate per a year, STV GROUP conducts its own goods traffic with full ADR certification class No. 1.

Future objectives of STV GROUP are aimed at not only to expand its own repair and production capacities but also to increase export, especially in the field of ​​military material.

STV GROUP cooperates with a range of renowned foreign manufacturers of military technologies and ammunition as RHEINMETALL, OERLIKON or OTO MELARA.

STV GROUP is also engaged as a professional partner of many mining companies for which provides the comprehensive implementation of blasting operations or eventually industrial explosives supply.

STV GROUP reliable supplier of goods and service of the highest quality in the shortest possible time and for the best prices. We know what you need.


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