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About the company

Company Profile

The history of STV GROUP a.s. in the area of special manufacture dates back to 1920, when a company named “The First Military Ammunition Factory” was established to manufacture ammunition, as a direct reaction to the need of increasing the state’s defence power in the complicated time after World War I. At that time, manufacture was mostly oriented on hand bombs and artillery ammunition. In 2015, this traditional ammunition manufacturer joined the STV INVEST Holding under the name Poličské strojírny, a.s. The similar nature of activitis of STV GROUP and Poličské strojírny in the area of special manufacture ended with the consolidation of these activities and their transfer into the Company STV GROUP a.s.

Within the system of the holding arrangement, STV INVEST a.s. holds the following companies:

  • STV GROUP a.s. (http://www.stvgroup.cz)
  • Poličské strojírny a.s. (http://pos.cz)
  • STV TRANS, s.r.o. (http://www.stvtrans.cz)
  • STV ARMS, spol. s.r.o. (http://www.stvgroup.cz)
  • STV MINING s.r.o. – Manufacture and distribution of industrial explosives, drilling and explosive work
  • STV Technology, s.r.o.
  • CZECH ARSENAL s.r.o.
  • STV PRAHA, spol. s.r.o.
  • Tropner s.r.o.
  • STV Polska Sp. z o. o. – Representation in Poland
  • DAPMON, s.r.o. – Representation in Slovakia
  • STV TRADE Ltd. – Representation in Bulgaria

STV GROUP is the greatest Czech ammunition manufacturer, capable of manufacturing the entire spectre of munition, from bullets for hand-held weapons all the way to heavy calibre cannon ammunition, air ammunition and engineer ammunition, including the manufacture of mechanical parts. The manufacturing portfolio currently also includes plastic explosives, AK type hand-held weapons, and anti-tank weapons RPG-7 and SPG-9.

STV GROUP is one of the leaders in the area of general repairs of military engineering and the supply of spare parts for both ground and air engineering.

In the area of ecological ammunition disposal, the Company has earned the position of a well-tested and reliable supplier of Czech Army and NSPA thanks to its professional approach and consistent work.

Among the civil activities, there is namely the development, manufacture and distribution of industrial explosives; drilling and explosive work; trading with ferrous and non-ferrous metals; fireworks; safety materials, and investment activities.

Long-term successful presence on the military materials market requires a huge amount of responsibility. STV GROUP a.s. is fully aware of this obligation, considering the unconditional observance of all the legal and moral standards absolutely axiomatic. It stresses the continuous increasing of its employees’ expertise and improvement of the manufacturing technologies and processes used (the Company holds the following certificates: EN ISO 9001:2009 and AQAP 2110, TRACE - Anti-Bribery compliance certificate, the respective licences and the Permission of MPO ČR (Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade) to carry out foreign trade with military material). In this respect, it is necessary to mention the unceasing efforts asserted by STV GROUP a.s. in order to increase security in all the areas of its activities and to minimise the impact of these activities on the environment. STV GROUP a.s. is fully aware of its obligations towards future generations in the area of environmental protection, and it has therefore created an environmental management system, holding the ISO 14001 Certificate.

STV Group currently employs more than 500 employees, with sales revenue exceeding CZK 1 billion for several years.